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Aerolite Insulation for Roofs

Aerolite Roof Insulation

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 Making certain your home is properly insulated is crucial for energy efficiency, as well as creating a comfortable and steady temperature indoors, regardless of what the weather may be like outdoors. All over the world, Aerolite is a popular choice for Ceiling Insulation. The following examines Aerolite Roof insulation, including how it is made and why it is a preferred insulation internationally, as well the top 10 reasons you should consider using Aerolite in your own home. 

What is Aerolite Insulation?

 Frequently referred to as “think pink” or “pink Aerolite”, Aerolite is a thermal insulation for roofs that is made from a combination of silica sand and up to 80% fine strands of recycled glass. Aerolite is a Eco friendly Ceiling Insulation for Roofs.

 How is Aerolite Think Pink manufactured?

 Aerolite is manufactured according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards as well as SABS approved. Any waste is reduced by incorporating it back in during the production process or being reprocessed into other products. Due to Aerolite’s resilient properties, it can be compressed by a factor of up to 10 when it is being packaged. This makes it easier to handle, decreases its environmental impact during transport, and reduces the amount of packaging materials it needs.

What Make Think Pink Aerolite Insulation Effective? 

Aerolite insulation is used in homes all over the world. Not only does Aerolite Ceiling Insulation allow families to maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature, but Insulation for Roofs  saves them money while doing it. In addition, it is noncombustible, discourages pests, is environmentally friendly, and presents no health risk to anyone in your home.

  In the hot summer months, Aerolite can reduce heat flow by as much as 87%, while lowering the temperature by as much as 8⁰C.

 Top 10 Reasons You Should Install Aerolite Insulation

  1.  Aerolite Thermal Insulation decreases your energy consumption by reducing your need for heating in the
    Aerolite Ceiling  and Roof Insulation

    Aerolite Ceiling Insulation

    winter and cooling in the summer. It has been shown to reduce the amount of heat entering you home through your roof by as much as 83% during the hottest months of the year.

  2.  As a result, your monthly energy bill will decrease. In most cases, Aerolite pays for itself within 2 to 3 years due to the amount it saves you on energy costs.
  3.  Due to Aerolite Insulation for Roofs being a fiberglass product, it significantly decreases the chances of rats or birds choosing to nest in your roof.
  4.  Fiberglass is also known for not growing mold and discouraging pests.
  5.  Used all over the world for more than 70 years, Aerolite has developed an outstanding reputation for being a durable and excellent insulator.
  6.  Completely nontoxic and does not pose any risks to your health.
  7.  Made from sustainable resources and as much as 80% recycled materials, Aerolite is environmentally friendly.
  8.  Aerolite insulation has received a class 1 fire rating. This means that it will not burn.
  9.  Aerolite offers exceptional sound absorption.
  10.  Shown to last up to 50 years while retaining the same effectiveness it had when it was first installed. 

With the new SANS regulations that came into effect as of January 2013, all the regions in South Africa have been divided into zones and the correct thickness and R value of insulation must be installed in all new homes as of January 2013. all homes being built from this date forward and all homes were alterations are being done must have Roof Insulation installed as per the new legislation.

R-value of 3.70 for Western Cape

This is achieved with the 135mm Think Pink Aerolite, and this is the same R-value for Johannesburg and Pretoria region. 

Buildings typically account for 40% of all energy consumed in South Africa and yet their potential to save energy is huge. Thermal insulation must be included in the design of all new buildings. This, in combination with energy saving techniques, make it possible to save up to 78% of a buildings energy consumption for space heating, cooling and hot water services.

The application of the new regulations is good news for the environment and will save electricity. Installing Aerolite roof insulation in your ceiling will save electricity and save you money and pay for your Aerolite insulation in a few years. For more info

Eco friendly Ceiling Insulation that will give you a life time of satisfaction and energy saving. Think Pink Aerolite tried and tested

SANS 10400-XA Energy Efficiency in New Buildings for all new buildings.

When deciding on the best type of insulation for your home, you are sure to hear the term “R-value” repeatedly this is one of the most important and misunderstood parts of  Ceiling Insulation. As one of the key factors that establish how effective insulation material is, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of what R-value is and why it should or should not be a central factor when choosing your insulation.  

Think Pink Roof and Ceiling Insulation

Think Pink Aerolite Ceiling Insulation


What Is R-value?

 In technical terms, R-value (or resistance value) is the measure of resistance to heat flow through a specified thickness of material. In simpler terms, it is insulation’s ability to keep heat from traveling through it. The R-value is dependent upon the type of insulation, its installed weight per square foot (density), and its thickness. Essentially, the higher the R-value, the more effective it will be as an insulator. You can be certain that the Ratings listed on a package is correct because of “The R-value Rule”  

 If you live in the South Africa the new SANS legislation has devised a chart that shows R-value recommendations for different parts of the country. Although you can always remember that the colder the climate you live in, the higher the R-value you want to look for.

 How Important is R-value?

 While Insulation R-value is an accurate expression of how insulation materials will perform, R-value is measured in a laboratory setting. It is unable to measure 3 modes of heat transfer (radiation, conduction, and convection) that occur in your home. As a result, the Ceiling Insulation R-value cannot tell you exactly how effective insulation will work in your home, though it does come close. However, don’t let that confuse you. R-value is important and should be one of the first things you consider when choosing a type of insulation for your home.

 How Can Compressing Insulation Alter the R-value?

 The R-value of insulation can be significantly compromised if it is not installed properly. Compressing or using any other method to decrease the thickness of insulation decreases its ability to effectively resist conduction. Anytime insulation is compressed, such as when it is stuffed into a too small area, it is unable to give you the full value of its R-value. Insulation that has baggage or boxes packed on top of it will automatically reduce the Insulation R-value to that of the compressed thickness. 

 Think Pink Aerolite Roof Insulation

 You can purchase the best insulation in the world, but if it is not installed properly, its effectiveness can be seriously compromised. If the Insulation material is compressed or if there are any air voids, cracks, or gaps, it can reduce the efficiency of the insulation by as much as 50 percent. It is important to hire a professional and make sure that your Think Pink Aerolite Insulation is fitted perfectly against the ceiling .

 Choosing the right Think Pink Aerolite Insulation for your home, as well as making certain it is installed properly, is crucial for ensuring a comfortable indoor temperature and energy efficiency. Using the information discussed above, you can find the best insulation thickness for your home.

In simple terms we have 6 zones in South Africa and the new legislation has zoned all areas as with a minimum required

Aerolite Insulation R-values:

  • Zone 1 : 135mm   3.70 when installed
  • Zone 2 : 135mm   3.70 when installed
  • Zone 3 : 100mm   2.80 when installed 
  • Zone 4 : 135mm    3.70 when installed
  • Zone 5 : 100mm     2.80 when installed
  • Zone 6 : 135mm    3.70 when installed

Roof insulation provides a great way to save on electricity.  Insulation products like isotherm insulations, isofoil insulations, and aerolite insulations.  Roof insulations by

Aerolite Sans Compliant Ceiling Insulation


 Aerolite Roof Insulation specified for Areas in South Africa

  • Zone 1 : 135mm Ceiling Roof Insulation
  • Zone 2 : 135mm Ceiling Roof Insulation
  • Zone 3 : 100mm Ceiling Roof Insulation
  • Zone 4 : 135mm Ceiling Roof Insulation
  • Zone 5 : 100mm Ceiling Roof Insulation
  • Zone 6 : 135mm Ceiling Roof Insulation

Cost of Aerolite Roof Insulation

The Cost of Aerolite Roof Insulation will in most cases be recovered in approximately 3 years in homes that are running Air conditioners in summer and heating in winter, these savings will be as a result of less energy being used to run this type of heating and cooling. The big advantage is that the Cost of Aerolite Roof Insulation will be recovered in approximately 3 years and will continue to save you money on energy for the rest of its life span aproximately 25 to 50 years.