Roof Insulation

 Roof Insulation Cape Town we Insulate South Africa saving you energy and making sure you have a Cooler home in Summer and a Warmer Home in winter. The best service and qualified installers you will ever find as well as the Best Roof Insulation Products and Prices.

  • More than 27 years’ experience in the Roof Insulation Industry.
  • Quality Roof Insulation products and the Highest level of service.
  • Comprehensive Insurance.
  • We hold massive volumes of Roof Insulation stock in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria as well as KZN.
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  • All our workmanship is guaranteed.

Roof Insulation Products

Isotherm Insulation - Roof Insulation in Cape Town. Aerolite Installed.


  • Dust free Isotherm. 
  • Allergy free Isotherm. 
  • 30 year manufacturer guarantee.
  • Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter
  • Great acoustic properties. Isotherm 145mm Sans compliant insulation achieving R-value of 3.70. 
  • Manufactured from plastic bottle pollution so Isotherm is regarded as one of the most eco-friendly Roof Insulation products on the market.. 
  • Read more about Isotherm 

Aerolite Think Pink Insulation
Roof Insulation

  • Aerolite fibreglass Roof Insulation. 
  • Manufactured from recycled glass. 
  • Cool in Summer Warm in winter
  • Great acoustic properties
  • Aerolite 135mm Sans compliant achieving R-value of 3.70. 
  • Read more about Aerolite

Roof Vacuum and Cellulose Paper Removal

Pumped In Insulation Removal

  • As we know finely shredded paper will absorb water if your roof has a leak.
  • If you have already had Ceiling damage as a result of paper absorbing water or feel you don’t like the dust blowing into your home.
  • Don’t worry we can now remove the paper insulation with our vacuum machine. 
  • Removing of pumped in paper Insulation by means of Industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • Roof Insulation have purchased a large industrial vacuum machine for the removal of Paper Insulation.
  • If you have already had a ceiling collapse as a result of water absorption with paper insulation or the paper insulation has blown to the opposite of the home.
  • Our Vacuum machine stands outside the home so there is no dust no fuss.
  • Roof Insulation only install Roll type insulation products like Isotherm and Aerolite. That don’t get effected by wind and will not be blown from side to side in the roof as they are not finely shredded dust.

Cost of Ceiling Insulation

With the energy crisis in South Africa it has been estimated that the Cost of Ceiling Insulation could be recovered in 2 to 3 years on energy saving alone.

Our bulk buying of Roof Insulation product like Isotherm Insulation as well as Think Pink Aerolite will mean that our clients benefit from our lower prices.

The Price of Isotherm Insulation varies based on the thickness of the Isotherm Insulation. Contributing factors on the Cost of Isotherm Insulation are:

  • Isotherm Ceiling Insulation Installed.
  • Isotherm Ceiling Insulation supply only
  • The Price of Isotherm will vary slightly based on options

The Price of Think Pink Aerolite will also vary slightly based on the options as listed above. Here again the Cost of Aerolite will also be lower because of our bulk buying.

So if you need the Best Isotherm Insulation Price or the Best Aerolite Insulation Price give us a call. For what we offer our Roof Insulation Prices are unmatched.

Have you been told your Roof cant be Insulated

If so give us a call, with many years in the Home Insulation industry we don’t believe in the word cant. If it can be done we will find a way.

Garage insulation. If your garage is unbearably hot we can help. We have a solution for garages whether you have a ceiling or not.

Loft Room Insulation, we specialize in this type of Installation. Loft rooms type homes are awesome but unbearable in summer and winter. We can transform these homes into comfortable cool in summer and warm in winter homes.

Under floor Insulation. If your home has wooden floors and a cavity space under the floor, cold air can make these homes like a fridge. Give us a call as we can solve most of these insulation problems by Insulating the under floor.

Flat roof insulation, Braai room Insulation. Give us a call as we have extensive experience in all these insulation types. 

Thermal Insulation for Roofs

The new building regulations as of January 2013 has made it compulsory for all homes to have Thermal Insulation for Ceilings and Roofs Installed achieving the recommended R-value as prescribed for the different regions of South Africa.

Isotherm Thermal Ceiling Insulation will reduce energy loss giving you a cooler home in summer as well as a warmer home in winter.

Aerolite Thermal Ceiling Insulation will also reduce the loss of energy in the home and make the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer

Read more on the Sans legislation.

Ceiling Insulation Benefits

  • Save energy with Roof Insulation
  • Reduce heat loss in winter
  • Keep cooler in summer
  • Reduce noise levels

Roof Insulation only stock the best Ceiling Insulation products on the market. Having your home insulated with Roof Insulation means you have added value to your home as well as the benefits of energy saving for many years.